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Veterans and military families are ready to serve again

- 17+ million veterans and millions more military family members with a proven commitment and service to country

- Representatives of the most trusted institution in our country

- Respected leaders, public servants, and citizens in their local communities

- One of the most diverse populations in America, spread across all 50 states


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Make your voice heard in our democracy

- Actively contribute to the democratic process, ensuring that your views and concerns are represented in the decisions that shape your community, region, or country.
- Expressing your opinions help shape policies and laws.
- By participating in the democratic process, you can advocate for issues that matter to you and work towards creating a more just and equitable society.


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  • In April 2022, we launched Vet the Vote to raise awareness of this challenge with veterans and military family members, based on a belief that our community would step up to serve again when asked

  • The campaign was an overwhelming success, recruiting over 63,000 volunteers for the 2022 midterm elections and beyond

  • Our mission is not done yet - we are continuing to spread the word nationally about Vet the Vote to increase confidence in our elections, establishing a community around our volunteers, and gearing up to support elections in 2023 and 2024

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  • 93% will serve as a poll worker again

  • 96% would recommend this role to other veterans and military family members

  • 93% spoke with others in their community about their experience

  • 80% said serving increased their trust in elections

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We must act now

Inaction has dire consequences, and we could end up in a vicious cycle of decreasing confidence in our democracy.