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Vet The Vote

Exclusive Poll Worker Tshirt

Exclusive Poll Worker Tshirt

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Get your exclusive poll worker tshirt! We want to show our communities that we, as veterans and military family members are showing up at the polls, starting conversations about our service and how we're carrying it forward.  We are offering this shirt at our cost - we are not trying to make a profit or solicit donations through this shirt. We want people to know that veterans and military family members are stepping up and serving, and hope people see this shirt and ask about you and Vet the Vote! 

If you registered with Vet the Vote earlier, you may have seen the shirt advertised at $15 price point in your email - unfortunately, this didn't cover the cost of the shirt on our end with taxes and processing fees from our ecommerce platform, so we had to price it at $20 - a price point at which we just barely break even. We sincerely apologize for the confusion, and thank you for signing up to Vet the Vote! 

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